NaPoWriMo Day One: Apocalypse Extra


I’m lost already; first to go
I think I’m the (extra) stranger
no one knows; the one who
starts off well but never gets
the chance to grow.

Why do we always think
that we’ll survive; that we
will live when others don’t?
What ego burns behind our eyes
that keeps them closed?

Just come inside – it’s here
and unsurprised, I’m first to go.
I’m leaving you behind.
I didn’t want to, and
I hope you make it, though.

“Night” by Bill Callahan


Just because I love the lyrics to this song. Find it and listen if you don’t know it. A favourite.

We do not know how things work
We do not know where you go
In the night
Through the door
Through the door that holds you
Through the door that holds you
Out of the blue

We do not know
The door that holds you
Silent as glue

We stand under it
But we don’t understand it
We stand under it
But we don’t understand it
The door that holds you
Silent as glue

And stars fall on
Stars fall on
Silent as glue

UK Politics: Pop Quiz – WHO AM I?


I was initially regarded as a joke by the majority; the middle classes allowed me access to bigger platforms more as an amusement and for entertainment, at first. However, it turned out that I was a surprisingly convincing and believable speaker. Some apparently intelligent people with a great deal of support in their communities joined my party as a result, giving me more political clout.

The coalition government in place at the time were making an almighty hash of a lot of things. Although they were managing to save money, they were largely doing it at the expense of the poor (and there were many of those, due to recent chronic depression), by cutting welfare and public services. The thought of the only other viable party gaining power terrified many people.

More folk than expected began to take me seriously. As the election approached, I became a genuine contender for power, much to the surprise of those initial pranksters who gave me a wider public forum.

So – go on then: who am I?

(a) Nigel Farage
(b) Adolf Hitler

Just sayin’…

Random Information


This morning my dog didn’t want to eat her breakfast. I encouraged her to eat it by pretending to eat it myself and making ‘mmmm – nom nom nom’ noises. Yes. I don’t know why I did that. She is not a two year old child. She gave me a concerned look and walked off. Although she did go back later and pick out all the tasty bits. I spent the morning wondering whether spending 90% of my time in the company of a dog is a good thing…

Snow in the Park


snowman blurryThe fierce crack crunch as you
break through the crisp crust
to the softer snow beneath.
Bushes grown to amorphous,
looming clouds, grounded;
coldly blooming.

Two snowmen stand
at duelling distance, shapeless heads
quizzically tilted; physically
there, but empty of life.
Snow golems waiting to melt,
their role fulfilled
in the building.

Surfing or Drowning?


person-at-computerI’m chatting on the Internet
to someone I don’t really know and
I want to appear witty, clever;

We talk about the cinema. I search
my brain for cool films I’ve seen;
none of that trash we used to watch
on Sunday afternoons.

I mention a film – the first moving picture;
The Train? I’m trying to describe my thoughts
when I first saw a 3D film,
in an unusual and interesting way.
I compare myself to that terrified audience
that ran screaming from the café
thinking they were being run down!

Before I click, a quick check on Wikipedia
and I find it didn’t happen, not like that.
It’s an urban myth (of sorts). So now
I have to rewrite what I’ve said.

I click through lumiere and light and
a technical school with fish; those brave
heraldic symbols – signifying what?
My nimble fingers click and click and click
I am swept away by an information tsunami;
clinging to clickable links to find my way back

And when I return at last
to my original comment
in another forum, on another tab
I forget where I started and see that
in the time that I was diving;
catching facts with my tiny, white arrow
the person I was dazzling with my
Web-found instant wisdom
Has said brb, got bored and gone offline.

You are not Gods


Listening to the Radio Four News the other afternoon, on the way home, I heard that scientists in California have been able to create two new genetic ‘letters’ to add to the existing four letter genetic alphabet with which we are all constructed. They have introduced an additional, entirely man-made, base pair – made up of two letters that did not previously exist – into an E. coli bacteria and have been able to replicate it. You can read more about this here and here. This is probably the most terrifying thing I have heard on the news in a long time. This is my response. The quote, incidentally, is more or less accurate.


dna-double helixYou tinker and you tamper
with the stuff of your existence.
Sense and ethics will not hamper
you; ignoring all resistance
from those who look ahead
with fear and at your work
with sensible amounts of dread,
you play with code and add new pairs;
new genomes, not designed by God
but man, with all his limitations
including overweening pride;
you will not – shall not – be denied.
You shake your head and smile, amused
“No – Nature will not ‘find a way’ –
our new base pair cannot survive
outside this lab; it’s not
Jurassic Park,” you say, and laugh. So blind,
You do not see God’s face behind, not angry;
kind and sad. He gave us Earth, a gift
in token of his perfect love and you,
like all small boys on Christmas Day
will play with your new toy too carelessly
and cry when it is broken.
You’ll stamp your feet, all unaware
that the Word was God, but the words
you’ve added are your own
and cannot be unspoken.
You are not Gods.