NaPoWriMo Day Five: Angels and Fools.


Two poems today, people. Not connected, but separately inspired by the Alexander Pope quote below. The first is more about me, the second more about us. Poem 2 was also inspired by the recent dreadful coverage on Radio Four of the Climate Change report (about which I am still fuming), so excuse the general crossness! TDx

fools rush in

Poem 1: Rushing in…

I wish I didn’t fall for it; I always do.
That gaze, intense, that seems to mean
much more to me, than you.
The grin; that casual grin, that I
read too much into every time
and lose my mind and sleep
in planning for the life we’ll have
when you have barely started.



Poem 2: Casual Vandals

Around us light
and air, and pollen
on the breeze
and breath.
We breathe
The fragile dandelion
clock – its balance set
so perfectly and we
with hobnailed boots
stomp on, admiring
through our chewing gum
and dropping litter
on the ground where
Angels fear to tread.


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