Biting the Bullet…


Right! I’m squaring up for a second attempt at an Open Mic night (having totally failed to turn up to the last one – although I had moved house the day before, so I did have some excuse). On Tuesday week I will attempt to stand up in a bar and read one of my poems to a bunch of people I don’t know (and hopefully some friends).

At the moment I’m thinking of reading ‘My Daughter’s Socks’. Alternatively, maybe  ‘Sticks and Stones’ or ‘The Secret’. In fact, clearly, I can’t really decide. These three are my favourites today, but who can tell how I will feel in a week. Of course, I have also enjoyed writing the ‘Connect Four’ series (day 2, day 3, day 6 and the final part coming soon) but I think they probably need to be read together, and I am only allowed to read one, so they are out.

I took down the ‘ratings’ feature on this site, as visitors to my blog consistently refused to ‘rate’ my poems, which I think was probably the right choice; giving stars for quality is perhaps a dubious (and overly simplistic) practice for something judged in such a personal way.  However, I would love to know if anyone has a favourite – any poem from the last year or so that really jumps out. If you had to choose one poem for me to read, which would it be? Please tell…


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